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Point Of Sale (POS) Software that You Need to Grow Your Business Oman and Muscat’s Best POS Software for Restaurants, Sales, and Supermarkets.

Gitacs Retail POS Software for Restaurants Muscat, Muscat, makes retail management simple for retailers of all sizes. Our POS system has numerous features and benefits in many areas, including multi-store support, accounting and inventory integration, VAT compliance, multi-language support, and easy customization. Our system is also available in multiple locations and stores.

Gitacs provides the best POS Software for Restaurants Muscat with the help of experienced implementers in Oman and Muscat. They have unlimited knowledge of POS systems in Oman and the local market in Muscat.
POS is Gitacs customizable POS package with state-of-the-art features to ensure successful POS operations in Oman and Muscat. Gitacs as POS Solutions Provider Muscat enables you the touch operation of the built-in cash register in the buyback cafe and minimizes time spent at the table. In Oman and Muscat, Repos POS software also enables a range of activities, from taking orders in the kitchen to processing and printing on wireless touch devices to automatic checkout with a single entry on a touch screen device.

As a POS machine in Oman, the technology to help retailers grow and develop has never been easier. Repo Café’s software can help any restaurant in Oman run their Omani point-of-sale software more efficiently. Whether you run a restaurant, takeaway, ice cream parlor, or a fancy restaurant, POS software can help you run your business more efficiently and simplify your POS operations in Oman.

Highlights of Gitacs POS:

  • High-speed barcode scanning
  • Head office integration
  • X-Report and Z-Report
  • Customer choice
  • Sales Performance
  • Multiple payment methods


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