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Biometric System Installation in Muscat, Oman

Most Innovative and cost-effective biometric time and attendance management system in Muscat and Oman.

Most Innovative and cost-effective Biometric Attendance System Muscat and Oman. Gitacs specialized in providing Biometric Service Provider Muscat remote areas. Our Easy Fingerprint Kit makes it simple and affordable to capture your own fingerprints in the correct format and manner. You can take your fingerprints at home or in the office.

You can have a fingerprint expert come to you, or collect your fingerprints yourself with our easy-to-use fingerprint collection tools. Time and Attendance Systems (TNAs) help you easily track and monitor your employees. As an employer, you can track hours worked, late and early departures, time off, and more.

Not sure which system is right for your needs? Don’t worry, Gitacs Biometric System Installation Muscat can help you find the right system for you. Depending on your work environment, we can recommend the most suitable system for you. Consultation and assessment are free.

We provide various time attendance systems

  • Biometric System
  • Biometric Punching System
  • Hand Punch Biometric
  • Finger Print Scanners for Office
  • Finger Print scanners
  • MEG strip Card
  • Face Recognition Device
  • Electronic Eye Device
  • Biometric Access Machine
  • Hand Reader and Card Access
  • Time and Attendance Recorder
  • Thumb Print Scanner
  • Finger print Access Control System
  • Wiegand Card

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